Manage Simulations

Consistent Creation
An easy-to-use template guides the simulation author through the creation of a scenario.
This keeps the layout and information consistent and complete.
Add one or more rating tool and enter simulation-specific rating anchors to help ensure consistent ratings.

AI Powered Scenario Creation
Based on a short prompt the AI will generate a scenario for you.
You can edit and adjust the scenario to perfecty meet your needs.
This provides and endless source of unique, realistic scenarios

Organized Cataloging
Your simulations can be categorized in a way that makes sense to you and your team.
Keeping all of the simulations in one place ensures that everyone has access to the latest versions.
At a glance you can see what a simulation is about and how many times it has been rated.

Choose the output

Generate pdfs

You can generate PDFs from your simulations.
Choose between the following:

  • Full Scenario Package
  • Rating Tool with Simulation Specific Anchors
  • Candidate Information Only
  • Confederate Information

Rate on iPads

Use the free mobile App on iPads to view and rate the simulation from one simple interface.

The App is super easy to use and allow raters to enter their rating, check off skills and competencies, debrief the sim and view attached resource material

The app can be used offline without internet access and then be synched when back online again

Unprecedented Insights

Using SimKlar gives you access to reporting and insights that are not possible with paper-based systems.

You will gain invaluable insights about your candidates, simulations, raters and program with no manual data entry required

See how:

  • Candidates are performing, how many simulations they have been rated on, how many hours they have completed in the field etc.
  • Raters are performing, how many simulations they have rated. Are they are assigning higher or lower scores than their peers.
  • Simulations are performing. Are they too hard? Too easy? What parts of a simulation are the candidates struggling with?
  • The program curriculum is mapped to simulations and skills. Do you have simulations and skill stations to ensure the candidates will have an opportunity to complete all required competencies?

Having these kinds of insights ensures that you can adjust your program curriculum to address weak areas before they become large problems.