Rate Simulations and Skills with iPad

The true power of SimKlar becomes apparent when the mobile app is used to run students through simulations and skill stations

  • Raters have access to all of the simulation details, attached pictures and medical directives. Literally at their fingertips.
  • Rating scores and comments can be entered from the simulation layout with simulation specific anchors for each domain to help keep scores consistent between raters.
  • Raters can also check off associated skills and competencies. For both the lead candidate as well as for their partner.
  • Running skill stations is easy with easy-to-use skill checklists and attached resource documents.
  • Skill checklists automatically scores the overall performance using weighted checklist items.
  • Synch with wifi, use offline and synch again when back on wifi. All ratings can be done offline
  • As soon as the device is synched the ratings and comments are avilable to administrators and the candidate to view, and learn from!